We have always homeschooled our children.  We have many reasons for homeschooling, some of which include:  its efficiency (the entire day's work can be done in a matter of hours), the relationships it nurtures (I know my children and my children know each other far better than if they were separated at school each day), the freedom to learn in the way that works best (for instance, one of my daughters announced that she only likes to do school work standing up), the lack of age-segregation (my children are comfortable with socializing with a wide group of ages and do not feel as though playing with someone younger is beneath them), and positive socialization.

Currently, we have 9 children at home, with abilities ranging from toddlerhood to high school and everything in between. We are pretty eclectic in the methods we utilize and are probably best summed up by saying we use the Classical Un-unit Chardorfisorri Method. A more educationese version can be found by reading our School Philosophy.

One of the best things about homeschooling is getting to learn with my children about things we are interested in. And we've done a lot of different subjects and topics over the years. Here are links to some of what we've done. Obviously, we did more for each of these subjects than what is listed.

US Presidents
     Developing an Appreciation of Pencils

The Civil War
     The Battle of Antietam
     Duct Tape and Ironclads
     Hard Tack for Lunch, Anyone?

The Enlightenment
     Preparing for the Enlightenment
     History at the Art Institute

Earthquakes and Volcanoes
     Playing with Lava
     Lap Books

The Wheel on the School
     Land Form Pans

     Nearly Missed It!

Mississippi River (Using Minn of the Mississippi)
     Salt Dough Maps
     Mississippi Shanty Boat

     Kon-Tiki Rafts
     Kon-Tiki Unit Study

     Art Lesson by Way of Australia
     How I Create an Unit Study

     Grosse Point Lighthouse

Ancient Egypt
     The Ancient Egyptian Game Senet
     Ancient Egypt History Feast

The California Gold Rush
     The California Gold Rush

     Society for the Promotion of Under-Appreciated Deserts
      Camel Crafts

Revolutionary War
     Hopscotching through the Colonies
     The Boston Tea Party

Ancient Rome
     Roman Mosaic Craft
     History Crafts
Sea Creatures
     Ocean Boxes
     Books... Some Little and Some to Give Away

Human Body
     Studying the Human Body
     Learning Through Dissection

Middle Ages
     The Day of the Overly Ambitious Craft

Silk Road

Lewis and Clark

Klondike Gold Rush

Alaska and the Arctic



     Miss Rumphius

Trip Around the World
     Hitting our Stride
     Contour Maps
     Packed and Ready to Go...
                Dinner in Mexico
                Ojo de Dios
                Dinner in Brazil
                Deceptively Easy Crafts
                In Which I do Misguided Crafts so You Don't Have To
                Dinner in Peru
          Rapa Nui/Easter Island
                Friday Bullets, Jan. 12, 2018
          New Zealand
                Dinner in New Zealand
                My Pinterest-worthy Moment
                Dinner in Japan
                Dinner in Vietnam
                Dinner in Ethiopia
                Visiting Kenya
                Dinner in Nigeria
                Dinner in Russia
                Dinner in Hungary

Here are posts to ideas about teaching preschoolers:

And posts about other methods and subjects:

Five in a Row Style

Work boxes

Multi-age Teaching

Teaching reading

Teaching writing
     On not teaching writing

Teaching math
     Angles and Ducks
     Failure... then Success

Teaching with babies and toddlers

High School

Good Books and Reading Out Loud
     Tea Time

Art Projects
     Pi Day Craft

Hands-on Activities
     It All Started at IKEA... or a Venn Diagram Activity Box

Lap Books
     Homeschooling: How to Make a Lap Book

Educational Theory
     Inventive Spelling and Delayed Academics
     A Homeschooling Reading List... With Annotations 
     Delayed Academics

Special Needs Homeschooling
     Homeschooling and Intellectual Delays
     Once Upon a Time
     Once Upon a Time Revisited

General Homeschooling How-To Posts
     How to Homeschool: A Slightly Irreverent Guide
     Homeschool Burnout... a not so short treatise
     Schedules, Chores, and Homeschooling
     Dear Frustrated and Reluctant Homeschooler
     How to Begin Homeschooling

Homeschooling, Adoption, and Trauma
     Grammar, Adoption, and Homeschooling
     Adoption and Education
     Adoption and Learning
     Brain Damage and Stress
     Adoption 101: Glitches
     Catching Up
     Homeschooling a Newly Adopted Older Child

The Importance of Play
     The Benefits of Boredom (Click where the photo should be to see it. No, I don't understand, either)
     Children and Play
     Why Do We Make Playing So Hard?
     Book to Remedy Boredom
     On Reading Vivian Gussin Paly
     Feeding the Imagination
     Children and Play: a reading list
     The Importance of Play
     I've Got to Say It Somewhere
     The Need to Play
     The Boston Tea Party
     It's Fun to Have Fun, But You Have to Know How
     Older Children and Play
     Using a New Book to Expound on a Favorite Topic
     Brains and Play

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