We have always homeschooled our children.  We have many reasons for homeschooling, some of which include:  its efficiency (the entire days work can be done in a matter of hours), the relationships it nurtures (I know my children and my children know each other far better than if they were separated at school each day), the freedom to learn in the way that works best (for instance, one of my daughters announced that she only likes to do school work standing up), the lack of age-segregation (my children are comfortable with socializing with a wide group of ages and do not feel as though playing with someone younger is beneath them), and positive socialization.

Currently, we have 3 preschoolers, 2 third graders, 1 sixth grader, 1 eighth grader, and a junior.  (With our oldest a freshman in college, living on-campus.)  We mostly use a literature-based unit study approach, though I've also been known to throw in a more classical style as well as some (shhh!) unschooling methods.  We're a bit hard to pin down.

Because I always find it useful to see what other families do, here is an outline of what our children are studying this year.  My oldest three do most of their work independently with me checking in every week.

B (16 - junior) - Geometry(VideoText); Ancient Egypt (The Teaching Company series on Egypt, Unwrapping the Pharaohs, and Howard Carter's book on discovering King Tut's tomb); World view and apologetics (Know What You Believe, Know Why You Believe, The Universe Next Door); Chemistry (Apologia); Economics (Whatever Happened to Penny Candy and the accompanying study guide); Lighthouses (The Lighthouse Stevensons); the California gold rush (The Age of Gold); Writing and study skills (Study is Hard Work; Clean, Well-Lighted Sentences); Advanced drama (outside class).

A (13 - 8th grade) - Algebra (VideoText); Ancient Egypt (same as B. is using); Weather (The Kids Book of Weather Forecasting; The Ultimate Guide to America's Weather; Storm); Lighthouses and the California gold rush with the younger members of the family;  Rod and Staff English; Intermediate drama (outside class, will be performing in Little Women in November).

The middle three do some work on their own, but we do many other subjects together.

P (10 - 6th grade) - on her own:  Rod and Staff English and math; Italic handwriting; a year's study on animals, spending one week doing research on a chosen animal and the second week making a lapbook on that animal; Folk and fairy tales.
TM and D (8 and 8 - 3rd grade) on their own:  Rod and Staff math and Italic handwriting.  I work with them on reading and Rod and Staff English.

Together these three and I are also doing a unit study of lighthouse in the fall (Lighthouses for Kids; Lighthouses of North America, Lighthouse on Tern Rock) and the California gold rush in the winter (The California Gold Rush [Landmark]; How to Get Rich in the California Gold Rush; California Gold Rush Cooking; By the Great Horn Spoon; Luckless Larry; Balloon Boy); art (Velazques in the fall, Giotto in winter); and ancietn Egypt all year (Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt [Landmark]; Pharaohs and Pyramids; Pyramid; Ancient Egyptians and their Neighbors; Boy of the Pyramids; Golden Goblet; Tirzah; Mara:  Daughter of the Nile; Cat of Bubastes)
G. L. & K (2, 2, 5 - preschool) - These three will work on a preschool box with me as well as doing other early learning activities.  For the little girls, we will also spend a time singing songs, reading stories, and coloring.  I have special toys to bring out only at school time for when they are done working with me and I will be working with older brothers and sisters.
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