Saturday, September 13, 2014

One-point perspective

Yesterday was our first art project day. I had planned in some actual art lessons this year and yesterday we learned about one-point perspective. I found a great exercise that involved painting and decided to copy it. This teacher was doing it with slightly older children than most of mine, so I wasn't sure how it would work. I also had them use acrylic paint (or Sharpies) instead of the watercolors. I think acrylics are slightly less frustrating for little people to use.

The little people (G., L., and K.) enjoyed the project and their sketches before the painting began were pretty good,but the paint makes it a little difficult to tell what's going on. The loved the painting part, though.

(Who, if you look in the upper right hand corner, has a tendency to draw out whatever is going on in her head. It's kind of like stream of consciousness drawing.)

K. (He was really interested in drawing cars and trucks. You can see the red firetruck right in the center of the road.)

Having shown you those, I realize you still have no idea what exactly the point on the lesson was. The next four may clear it up. Here is TM's. You can see the single vanishing point there in the center of the paper. We talked about horizons and scale and the imaginary lines that lead to a vanishing point. 

 Next comes P.'s.

And D.'s (he decided he's rather have a river than a road.)

And I've saved H.'s for last. She worked so hard on this. When it was time to eat lunch, she wasn't done, so spent another chunk of time after lunch finishing it. I wasn't sure she would 'get' the lesson, but before she began, she studying the examples I had shown everyone very, very carefully and drew this:

What a long way she's come!

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To China and Back said...

They're all wonderful, but H's is a revelation, considering her starting point a couple of years ago!

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