Seeing some art

Our co-op didn't meet this week, so it was the perfect time to head downtown to the Art Institute. A while back we had read The Sixty-Eight Rooms about children who were magically able to shrink and then enter the Thorne Rooms as the Art Institute. Everyone was very interested in the Thorne Rooms after that but Y. most of all. As soon as I had announced we would be heading down to see them she had been counting the days.  For the first time in can't remember how long, I did not drive the van into the city. Do you know how much easier it is to park a regular sized car downtown? It is life changing! It was so easy! We drove downtown, I drove into the closest parking garage to the museum, we parked, and went to the museum. Just like normal people. No more trying to find street parking within walking distance. No more worrying that we would over stay our meter. No more worrying about where we would leave the big, hulking van. (Well, except if J. decides to go with us, but then he

Don't discount play

I know you're thinking, "She's always nattering on about play. Surely there isn't anything left to say at this point." Well, it turns out this is a little bit more to say. But before I do, let's talk about math. Specifically let's talk about math and how challenging it has proven to be for K. He can do it, but each new concept is an uphill climb to conquer. I know there is a math brain in there somewhere... his visual spacial ability is uncanny... but finding it has proved challenging to all of us. Until last week, that is. As I've mentioned, G., L., and K. are working through the Key to Learning Fractions books. Doing fractions takes a lot of multiplication and division because of creating like fractions and reducing to simplest terms. Multiplication and division have been among K.'s challenges. Suddenly, it has been like a switch has flipped. He has been the first one done, his work is done correctly, and he has been happy doing it. Then on Thurs

In which the day starts out poorly but ends okay and I hop on my hobby horse

When you are quietly waking up, sipping coffee in bed waiting for the neural connections in your brain to start functioning and you hear an unpleasant and loud wailing/moaning/whining noise outside your bedroom door, your heart sinks more than a little bit. When your husband gets up to deal with the wailing/moaning/whining noise outside the door and instead of the noise abating, it just increases, then you wonder how you can crawl under your covers and pretend you are not there. It doesn't make one bound out of bed. This is particularly true when the day was already feeling just a little bit overwhelming to begin with.  I admit that it was with more than a little dread that I got up. It has not been a great week with R. and it didn't look as though positive movement was in the offing. My to-do list was also longer than I am typically comfortable with. I try to avoid that happening, but sometimes life gets in the way and there you are.  My first decision, which made immediate li

Various brain related things

Today was my annual eye appointment. I'm happy to report my eyes are healthy. Given past issues and family history, this is not something I assume, so it's a relief each year when it is. I complained about how I was seeing, though. My far vision is just fine. My near vision? Well, it stinks, frankly. Up until this past year, I had been wearing contacts with two different prescriptions which enabled me to see close up. This was mainly because one eye had gotten worse and the prescription wasn't strong enough, so we fixed that. Then I found I couldn't see at all close up and invested in a ridiculous number of cheaters. I'm tired of it. Today we decided to have me go back to monovision with one eye wearing a contact for near vision and the other eye with a contact for far vision. I haven't put the trial lenses in yet, but will do so in the morning. I anticipate feeling a little off balance for a couple of days. I'm not looking forward to it, but am hoping that

Retreat Day

It was a fantastic retreat this afternoon. The weather was perfect and everyone who came enjoyed three hours in which to pause and think and enjoy being out in nature. Oh, and a chance to spend some time with horses, too. I think everyone left refreshed and ready to face a new week.

Celebrating H's birthday

We celebrated H.'s 19th birthday tonight. A. wasn't able to join us for dinner, but she stopped by during the afternoon to see H. We were also missing D. and TM, but everyone else was able to come. H. chose a green curry with chicken and green beans served over fresh Hong Kong noodles for dinner as well a dumplings. For dessert she chose root beer floats. This is the first time she hasn't chosen a fancy store bought cake with flowers on it. I see that as a sign of felt safety and maturity... that willingness to try something new. Some pictures from the evening. H. while we were singing happy birthday. B. is holding the birthday candles just out of the picture. H. wasn't sure she was so thrilled with being sung to this time. (r - l) L., G., B., and B.'s significant other. I should probably figure out an initial for her. (The things you don't think about when you first come up with a system... the complete unwieldiness of continuing to add initials as the family g

Friday bullets - October 15, 2021

We'll jump right in. Yesterday was H.'s 19th birthday. We'll celebrate tomorrow when most people can be here. Does it sound as crazy to as it does me that H. is 19? Aster is blowing her summer coat. There is hair all over the house. This is not your average, everyday husky fluff, this is huge tufts of hair that comes out in clumps. Aster is not looking her best at moment. She looks rather like one of the poultry outside at molting time.  For school today, I had a documentary planned about engineering in Ancient Carthage since we will be reading about the Punic Wars next week. It is part of a multi-DVD set that I bought. After they were done with the one about Carthage I was begged that they be able to watch the ones about the Aztecs and the Mayans. My children watch documentaries for fun. As I was working in the studio the other day, H. comes wandering in and watches me for a moment. Then she wanders around the room a bit. After a while she tells me, "You have many, ma