I am available for speaking engagements, though on a fairly limited basis. I have spoken at churches, conferences, and on the radio and I love to encourage other mothers in the important work of making a family and making a home. Below is a list of topics I speak on.

  • Meal Planning and Family Dinners
  • Joyful Parenting
  • Dealing with Frustration
  • Homeschooling a Houseful: Multi-age Teaching
  • Adoption: A Personal Journey
  • Many Hands Make Light Work: Children and Chores
  • When Homeschooling meets Adoption
  • Books, Books, Books: Reading and Sharing Books with Your Children
I am also happy to discuss other subjects related to homemaking, large families, adoption, homeschooling, and faith... or some combination. Please contact me with questions at ordinarytimeblog @ gmail . com


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