Happily outside acceptable parameters.... We are two parents (J & E) and twelve children (M, B, A, P, H, TM, D, R., K, Y., G and L). Followers of Jesus, homeschoolers, and readers of many, many books. Here are some photos of everyone, I know the initials can get confusing.

This is M., who is 23, and my first official adult child having graduated from college and now fully self-supportive as an IT specialist by day and artist and theater designer at all other times.

This is B. (the blond one, with K. the dark-haired). He is 20 and a junior in college studying environmental science. He loves plants and bees and is very funny.

A. in center, seated

A. (on left) is 18 and a freshman in college. She loves people and wins the family extrovert award. (It hasn't always been easy for her growing up in a family of introverts.) A. is also very athletic and is currently on her university's crew team.

P. is 15 and a sophomore in high school. She loves animals of all types, and is a very good at horseback riding. She also loves to travel.

H. (on right)

H. is 13 and came home from China in 2012. I can't even tell you how far this child has come in four years. She is extremely sweet and loving and a joy to have around. H. loves to make jewelry, color pictures, and really loves cats.

Here is TM (pictures are self-taken and selected). He is 13 and came home from Vietnam in 2006. He loves all things technological and is also a very talented artist. He is also very athletic and wants to tackle parkour as his next challenge.

D. (on right)

D. as Willie Wonka

D. is 12 and loves acting, reading, doing magic tricks, reading, playing games, and reading. He also has a pretty darn good singing voice, which is good since he is going to be Harold Hill in The Music Man in a couple of months. 

R. is 10 (on paper, probably older in reality) and came home from China at the beginning of 2016. This little girl thrives on love and also adores loving others. She has a long road ahead of her, but we are hopeful this sweet thing will surprise us all.

K. (on left, with one of his best friends)

K. is almost 10 (at the end of March) and came home from Vietnam in 2008. After a pretty rough start in life, he has grown to become a bright, happy, energetic, loving boy. He adores the Hulk, Legos, any kind of car, and has begun really, really reading.

Y. is 9 and also came home from China at the beginning of 2016. She is such a bright and happy girl and not much gets by her. We weren't really expecting that we would be able to adopt her and are thrilled and thankful it all worked out.

G. (on left), K., and L.

G. (on left) and L.




G. (on left) and L.

L. (with G. behind)
G. and L. are 6 year old twins. The continue to be the apple of the entire family's eye and are some of the most interesting little personalities we know. L. loves to write stories, draw pictures, and imagine things, often dragging the rest of the family into her alternate reality vortex. G. adores to listen to stories and play with stuffed animals and dolls. She also has a prodigious imagination. 

Finally, there is J., the father of this horde of children. He is the best father and husband I know, making me the winner of the husband lottery. His children (and wife) adore him. In his free time, he also works in university administration in order to keep us all fed. If he had any other free time, he would indulge in his interests of reading, hiking, rock climbing, and writing. (He's a far better writer than I am.)

I (E) am the main author of this blog, though others have been known to jump in.  I write mainly about my large family, adoption, attachment, homemaking, homeschooling, parenting, and Jesus.  In doing so I hope to show that homemaking is an honorable and useful profession on its own terms, and that homeschooling is a viable educational alternative.  I also hope to demonstrate that parenting many children well is possible and in doing so to open the hearts and minds of others to the idea of growing their families either through birth or adoption.  Because there's always room for one more, you know.
I also would like to encourage those women who struggle with meal preparation and planning.  I have a multi-page document about meal planning and pantry storage that I would be happy to send to anyone who thinks this would be helpful.  Consider it my ministry to you.
We can be contacted at:  ordinarytimeblog@gmail.com
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