Happily outside acceptable parameters.... We are two parents (J & E) and ten children (M, B, A, P, H, TM, D, K, G and L). Followers of Jesus, homeschoolers, and readers of many, many books.  Here is a handy guide to who we all are.  I know the initials can get confusing.

I (E) am the main author of this blog, though others have been known to jump in.  I write mainly about my large family, adoption, attachment, homemaking, homeschooling, parenting, and Jesus.  In doing so I hope to show that homemaking is an honorable and useful profession on its own terms, and that homeschooling is a viable educational alternative.  I also hope to demonstrate that parenting many children well is possible and in doing so to open the hearts and minds of others to the idea of growing their families either through birth or adoption.  Because there's always room for one more, you know.
I also would like to encourage those women who struggle with meal preparation and planning.  I have a multi-page document about meal planning and pantry storage that I would be happy to send to anyone who thinks this would be helpful.  Consider it my ministry to you.
We can be contacted at:  ordinarytimeblog@gmail.com
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