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Where were we...?

Why was it so easy to keep up the blog while we travelled? Why has it been two months since our last post? Certainly the technological challenges were greater in Viet Nam. Getting and keeping a connection felt like a real accomplishment. Back home, you'd think we could post something mildly interesting at least every week. -- But, of course, when we were travelling, there was nothing else to do. The entire world had contracted to just me and E and TM and our little corner of Viet Nam. When the boy was finally asleep after a harrowing day of getting from one meal to another, and through one meal after another, and through one great big noisy fit (GBNF) after another, it seemed easy to pour out the day's adventures to the waiting hordes back home. -- Now... not so much.

Oddly, I was compelled to peck out these thoughts by two things: (1) the current GBNF being thrown by TM just across the room, firmly pinned in E's arms... and (2) reading the current adventures of Mrs.…