Ancient Egypt history feast

One picture, that's what you get. That's because our extra camera battery, the one that is fully charged and ready to go for when the battery in use dies, is missing. The battery in the camera had just enough charge to take one picture.

Considering that Egyptian costumes tend to be on the minimalist side (and this was a lot of clothing by ancient Egyptian standards), it was a good thing we had record breaking 90 degree temperatures. That is unless you have decided to go as the fictional Egyptologist Amelia Peabody. (Do you know the mystery series by Elizabeth Peters? They are some of my very favorite mysteries which I go back and re-read every so often. If you like mysteries, you should read them.) It was a touch warm for long sleeves, long skirts, and boots, but, hey, we are committed to costumes around here. J., who was also not in a sheet was portraying Howard Carter... the Egyptologist who discovered King Tut's tomb. I never did find an appropriate suit for B. so he could go as Lord Carnarvon, but he decided it was too hot for that anyway and requested a sheet to wrap around himself. M. chose to be a modern day time traveler. She didn't want to be wrapped up in a sheet. Imagine!

The party was fun and we had wonderful food and I'm sure we've raised our status as the neighborhood oddities up a couple of notches considering the number of children dressed in sheets who were running around playing chase and hide-and-go-seek. You know, there's a lot of freedom when you assume every already thinks your crazy.

We're now enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day, where we are doing no entertaining what so ever. Our flag is up, most of the older children and J. are playing in a softball game with friends, and I plan on sitting down with a book just as soon as I hit 'publish'.


Dawn said…
Love the costumes. We have found it liberating to be seen as the crazy neighbors too.
blessings, Dawn
AmeliaB said…
This post made me laugh out loud multiple times. Thank you for sharing. I loved the creative costumes (and Egypt costume alternatives). Blessings to your family!

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