Saturday, April 01, 2017

Becoming a mother (quail) hen

Remember a while back when I told you that I had ordered the 'Chick-bator', complete with 5 fertilized quail eggs? Well, look what was sitting on my doorstep on Thursday. An extremely cold and wet Thursday morning, I might add.

Well, I picked up that packaged and hustled it inside pretty darn quick. When we opened it, this is what was inside.

Those wee little eggs are soooo cute and a mere 1-inch long. They are teeny tiny. I can't imagine a real, live bird coming out of one. This despite the fact that the little people and I have watched more than a couple YouTube videos of baby quail hatching.

It takes a bit to set-up and get to the correct temperature. In the morning I was finally able to put in the eggs.

Here is what it usually looks like on my kitchen counter. I probably check that temperature at least 20 times a day. The instructions are very stern about maintaining 100 degrees. I have have to turn the wee little eggs twice a day.

We have already marked off 'Day 1' on the calendar and are eagerly awaiting Day 23 when this particular type of quail (Bobwhites) will hatch. In the meantime, people are amusing themselves with coming up with names. There seems to be a theme. So far we have Bob Hope, Bob Barker, Bob Dole, and Robert. The last is because we are currently reading a book called, That Quail, Robert by Margaret Stanger about a family who had a pet quail.


Anonymous said...

What a fun project. Didn't know one could
order that through the mail.
Just curious, is the foil part of maintaining the
Thanks for sharing.
mary m, age 70

thecurryseven said...

Yes, the foil is to help maintain the 100 degree temperature inside the "Chick-bator".


maria matthias said...

What do you do with them once they are grown?

Donna said...

Bobby Vinton, Bobby Darin, Bobobobobobaran (if it's a girl), Bobby Short, Bobby Sherman!! lol Bobby Sox, Bobby Pin, Bobby Kennedy, Bobby Flay


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