Spur of the moment art project

Number of days we have lost with our daughter due to the negligence of the state of Illinois: 46 (and now it is after 5 pm on Friday... so the number will climb even higher.)

It's not a good thing to wake-up with a houseful of children and not have a plan for the day. Our schedule has been a little off this week and I need to spend some time moving things around so I can get everything to fit right. But this meant that I wasn't ready for whatever I had originally planned for this morning and it probably wouldn't have made sense with what we did manage to get to this week anyway. It has also been quite some time since we had done an art project and people were feeling a little out of sorts about that.

This is all why I found myself on an emergency run to the local art store to pick-up some supplies. I had quickly scrolled through my Pinterest pages to see what we could do on the spur of the moment and what I had supplies for. Do not do this with a little girl at your elbow who sees each picture and NEEEEEDs to do every single thing she sees. It's just not helpful. I did manage to settle on a project that combined collage and paint. Since this would involve some of my children's very favorite things (cutting up paper, glue, and paint), I figured we were good. Well, except that my children must drink paint, because we were out again.

The emergency art supply run was successful and people settled down to create. It was more or less successful depending on the person. The idea was to sketch a design on a piece of paper, choose some other papers in the colors that were needed and cut or tear them to size and glue them on, then fill in with paint to create a final project. Or, in reality to do whatever with the paper, paint, and glue and turn out a final project.

Here are some of the results.


H. (This is her current favorite thing to draw... a house with a tree)

G. (She says this is a baby robot)

L. (She says this is of a car stuck in a fog... and yes, I have it right way up, I checked.)

K. (It's a car)

D. (I love this. D. became extremely frustrated when it wasn't working out like he wanted, but I hope he'll go back to it at some point.)

Of course, a morning of painting isn't without its hazards. G.'s clothes, once again, are covered with paint. (I can tell these girls are numbers 9 & 10 because I long, long ago gave up on paint smocks.) And when I looked at L. I discovered that she was a little painted herself.

It's hard to see in the picture, but that left cheek is rather painty. This is also her current "smile on purpose" smile.

The other hazard is a result of too much help. The paint brushes were helpfully put into the sink so we could eat lunch. Then after lunch, the dishes were helpfully put into the sink as well. This means that I got the job of cleaning not only paint off the brushes and pallets, but food as well. The table and floor seemed to come through relatively unscathed this time, though.


Aunt Ginny said…
Oh Wow! I love K's car! Another budding artist!
We've been doing a lot of art projects this year, and I find myself painting right along side the kids. It's fun to create!

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