Monday, May 16, 2016

I'm a bit sick, I haven't paid the bills, or done the laundry...

but the day wasn't a total bust. I also sat quietly outside in the sunshine and did a little painting while people played. Want to see what I made? (And sorry about the picture quality. Evidently I care even less about the photographs I take when sick than when I'm well.)

This is what happens when I go to the craft store and see cool things... such as those Toob-things which have nifty homeschool friendly themes, such as, "The Arctic" on sale for half-price. And then I walk down the next aisle and see more cool things, such as brown paper mache boxes in the shape of books. I suddenly had visions of school activities. I just needed to paint the box and fill it with things. Which is what I did this afternoon.

The spine

The side where the pages should be.

But look! It opens and inside are the Toob figures...

plus I made some foam ice floes and open ocean so the polar bears and seals can play.

And it all fits in the box to go back on the shelf for another day. 

The only thing I still need to do are to make some 3-part Montessori word cards that match the figures in the box to add one more activity angle to the whole shebang. 

I'm kind of smitten. I may need to make more.

1 comment:

ashley said...

So cute!!! Much more fun than paying the bills ;)

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