A Pair of Red Clogs

We have just finished working on A Pair of Red Clogs by Masako Matsuno. This time is wasn't so much "Five in a Row" Style as "Five every now and then separated by many day" style. A trip to Arizona will do that to a schedule.

I loved this book. I loved the drawings. I loved the story. I loved the relationships in the family. I loved the whole thing. Because the time we worked on in was a little disjointed, I didn't so as much as I could have, but here are some activities we did to go along with it.

Colored Japanese kimono coloring pages... did our emotions preschool game (the author does a great of job talking about how the little girl in the story is feeling)... found Japan on a globe...

But best of all, we looked at and played with a real pair of Japanese clogs. I have a friend who is Japanese and grew up in Japan. I had asked her if she had a pair of clogs we could borrow and carefully look at. Well, she surprised us by giving us a pair of wooden clogs. She also shared that she played the weather telling game the girls play in the book. I love connections like that.

True to form, when I asked G. or L. to put the clogs on to model for me, they both looked at me as though I had asked them to have a shot. So, you get just the clogs and not the cute girls wearing clogs. I'm sure the second I hit publish on the post, there will be a knock-down fight over who gets to put them on.


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