At least I know they're listening

D. was kind enough to take some pictures for me yesterday. Because I really wanted to document this...

Can you tell what it is? It's G. with her sled dog team. We've been reading a lot about the Iditarod and sled dogs and sled dog racing and Alaska. Because of the wiggle factor, I'm never quite sure what the youngest are getting out of all that we read and talk about. But I think I can put those concerns to rest. All yesterday afternoon and into this morning, the play has been sleds and sled dogs. In the picture above, you'll see that G. has harnessed her dogs together and is always very careful to keep her lead dog first. She also made her own sled, that the bunny is driving. Look closely and you'll see that out of the materials at hand that constructed it pretty accurately... storage up in front with runners for standing on in the back. She did have a handle for the rabbit to hold on to, but tape is a finicky constructing system and she couldn't get it to stay.

L. decided that she, too, wanted a sled for the small husky puppy she has suddenly become very interested in, so G. made one for her as well. Blue Teddy is the driver and perhaps needs a bigger sled... and more dogs, but L. insists on using only the right type for her team.

K. also wanted in on the action. In the pictures above and below, you'll see his Mac truck open with a stuffed anteater sitting on it. This will quickly become a sled with the anteater harnessed to it. K. is more of a big picture kind of guy rather than being really detailed oriented.

At dinner last night, L. said she thought it would be fun to run in the Iditarod. G. then announced when she was older she was going to ride in the Iditarod.

Some older boys have grand plans for constructing a dog sled and hitching Gretel to it this winter. I'm not convinced that will end well... for anyone. It figures that the summer we have grand plans for all sorts of winter related activities that they are predicting a mild winter. Normally I would shout, "Hooray!" but how on earth are we supposed to construct an igloo without any snow?


Kristin Mueller said…
I think you should construct a milk-jug igloo. Then we don't need the snow! :)

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