Meet the quail

So far no more quail have hatched, but our little chick from yesterday seems to be doing quite well, and made it through the night. Everyone is more than a little fascinated by it. It is a very tiny chick... maybe an inch and a half long? Little, little, little.

Isn't he a cute little chick? When he peeps it is very loud. I think he wants a friend. I hope another of the eggs hatches. For size reference, that is a lid of a mayonnaise jar filled with regular sized marbles (so he doesn't drown) next to him.

Here's the whole brooder set-up. The reason the light is so odd is that it is a red bulb in that lamp. Evidently it is better for their eyes than regular white light. There is also extremely heavy-duty mesh wire over the top and down the sides. It might seem a bit of over-kill for one little tiny quail. You would think than until you see the 14 pound cat laying on top of the mesh, basking in the heat of the lamp, and enjoying the chick TV show in the box.

J. and I are thinking of naming the quail, 'Q'. It would be in keeping with the whole initial-thing we have going on, plus it has references to both Star Trek and James Bond.


LOL at the cat snoozing in the artificial sunbeam!

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