Deceptively easy crafts

There is nothing like the promise of a craft to get people in gear. We had a lovely, cooperative morning of school work, followed by the much anticipated craft.

We are still in Brazil, so did a Brazil-themed craft. This was paper tearing to create a sunset background, and then I had a silhouette of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janero to be glued over it. (No, I didn't think it up myself. Are you kidding? I totally borrowed it from this website.)  I thought this was a going to be a breeze of a craft. Tearing paper, glue, what was there not to like or to be a problem?

Well, this was one instance where something that seems easy turns out to be deceptively tricky. I'm still not sure why. I think it was that the vast majority of the crafters had a lot of trouble with the idea of tearing long strips of color to create the sunset. It was as though they all got the idea of mosaics in there heads and couldn't move past that.

Here are the final products. They turned out just fine, but it wasn't the easy-peasy craft I was thinking it would be.

Based upon the mess that was left behind after everyone was done, they all ended up having a very good time.

I did not take a picture of the floor, but it was similarly decorated as well.

As an aside, there are six completed pictures... L., G., K., Y., and H. The sixth was TM, who decided to join in as well. That means that R. did not make one. No, she was not having a terrific day, and I was the recipient of the stink eye more than once. Today, she sat staring at her paper, occasionally holding up a piece of paper and grunting at me, waiting for me to do it for her. I've watched this child participate in things for the past nearly two years, and this was totally within her skill level. In fact, I thought that tearing paper and gluing would be just up her alley. But not today. I gave her some suggestions. I showed her how she could make her own picture. I provided her with materials. But because I wasn't going to do it for her, she decided to not participate. It has been a staring sort of day in general. (Bless H. for playing with some Duplo with her this afternoon, to get her doing something.) Maybe she will decide to join the world tomorrow.
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