Friday, January 27, 2012

The ancient Egyptian game Senet

Our history co-op is studying ancient Egypt this year.  Today's lesson was on the game Senet.  The older group took turns playing on an already constructed game board:

That's P13 sitting there.

The younger group made their own game board, playing pieces, and throwing sticks, then spent some time playing the game.

TM working on making his playing pieces.

The whole group as they work upstairs.

D. showing his game board.  

The mom of the P. family sewed all of these blank game boards for each child and then they used markers to decorate the squares.  While the empty spaces are not normally numbered, it was easier for the younger group to see where they were as they played.

The throwing sticks.

Instead of dice, four throwing sticks were used.  One side is decorated and one is blank.  They are thrown and the number of spaces moved is the number of blank sticks facing up.  If all the colored sides are up, the player would move 5.

P.'s (in process) playing pieces.  She has constructed five of one shape and is working on making five of a different shape.

Want to learn to play?  Here are some directions.  Have fun.

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