Packed and ready to go...

around the world.

Today we put together our travel journals and passports in anticipation of our around the world trip this school year.

I found these blank passport books at a homeschooling convention a while back, and have been holding on to them for just the right project. I got out one of our real passports so everyone could see what it looked like. We looked at the personal information page and the visas and the entry and departure stamps. This was one of those glorious homeschool moments where you pull out the project that you have so carefully prepared, and everyone is genuinely excited. They were thrilled to have their own passports to travel to each country, and happily wrote everything I asked them to. We even took passport photos against a white wall. I'll pick them up from the drugstore tomorrow and we will add them in.

Then we made our travel journals. We talked about how in earlier years of around the world travel, suitcases would be covered by the stickers of the various countries and hotels and shipping lines. I had found some reproduction travel stickers, so we got their 'bags' ready to go, and decorated them with the stickers.

These are actually blank, hardcover books in which we will put information about each country... flag, map, narrations of what we learned, etc.

And to top it off, I ordered a custom made stamp for immigration.

You can't read it, because it's backwards and too hard to read. It says, "Passport Control" on top, and "Immigration" on the bottom. There is space in between for me to write the country and entry and exit dates.

Everyone is excited. We head to Mexico tomorrow. Actually, what everyone wanted to know at dinner tonight was when we get to start eating food from the countries we're visiting. Some children seemed to be under the impression that we would eat that country's food for a whole week, and were a little disappointed that I was doing just one dinner. And that pretty much sums up life around here most days... everyone's biggest concerns are: 1. Making things, and 2. Eating things. If these two things happen simultaneously, then life is very good indeed.


Have a wonderful virtual trip! Our best homeschool year ever was the year we did Exploring Countries and Cultures (with My Father's World). I added a lot to it, and we had a really great time.

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