Birds in the mail

The mail doesn't always bring bills and junk. Sometimes it bring birds. Today we received not one, but two bird-related items. The first was our packet of material from Project Feederwatch.

Here we have our bird identification poster, a tally sheet (for counting birds), and the instruction manual. Have you ever done this? It's actually pretty cool. When M. and B. were little, we did it for a couple of years. Essentially, you hang birdfeeders where you can see them, and then on designated days you keep track of what and how many birds you see at your feeders. You then submit your numbers to Cornell University, where they use the data to track all sorts of things regarding bird populations. It's not often that children have a chance to do real and valuable science, but this is one way they can.

The other thing that arrived in the mail was a gift from J.'s aunt and uncle. It is a Bird Bingo game and it is beautiful and perfect.

Everyone was clamoring to play it right away, so we did.

Y. needed to use the couch since the AFO's make it uncomfortable to sit on the floor.

Kenzie was good until almost to the end, when he ran through the game causing us to have to redo several bingo cards. Next time we'll play at a table.

There was much jockeying at first to see who would get the bingo cards with barn owls on them. Our teatime read aloud right now is Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Story of an Owl and His Girl by Stacey O'Brien. Everyone is a little in love with barn owls these days as a result and wanted to have a barn owl on their card. There are a lot of cards in this game, so it worked out.

P. took the pictures for me, but what she didn't get was R. playing, too. This turns out to be a style of game that she can handle on her own, with little outside help. That is a big, huge deal around here. Thank you, thank you!


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