Wednesday, October 02, 2013

History crafts

As we've been reading through The Story of the Romans, I have crafts planned that (sort of) match elements in what we've been reading. (As we get further along, it gets a little easier... read about Roman roads, make a model of a Roman road.) Right now we've been reading about the early, more mythical stories of Rome which do not always lend themselves to hands-on, educationally-related activities. We've been doing a little stretching.

The first history craft we did was to make eagles. (Tarquin had his had stolen and then replaced by an eagle which was seen as an auspicious sign.) Ours didn't turn out quite so eagle-like due to the multi-colored feathers that we used. These eagles have a string that runs through the toilet paper tube so that two people stand across from each other holding both strings. When on spreads his arms apart, the other holds his arms together, thus sending the eagle 'flying' back and forth as the string is moved apart from either end.

Yesterday, we made poppies (to go along with another Tarquin [a different Tarquin, though] story). I love a craft that turns out well for all age groups. These will be going up on our wire when I get a free moment.

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