Anyone want to send us all to France?

Yeah. I didn't think anyone did. D. really wanted me to ask. And why this sudden and pressing need to go to France... other than I really love Paris and it's been too long since I've been there? It's all for the study of history. Really.

Today we spent learning about cathedrals as part of our study of the Middle Ages. First we read David Macaulay's book, Cathedral: The Story of its Construction. We then watched a Nova episode, Building the Great Cathedrals, which I had ordered from Netflix for the occasion. We all found it very interesting. Well, not the five year olds so much, but the rest of it did. The cathedrals and their construction were really interesting, but what really caught our interest had nothing to do with cathedrals and jumped back to castles instead.

In the show, it mentioned and showed a building site in France where they are constructing a medieval castle using medieval building techniques and medieval materials. And it is a living history museum as well so YOU CAN GO AND SEE IT! Who wouldn't want to go and watch a medieval castle being built? If it were in the US, I would be making some major summer driving plans, but alas, it is in Treigny, France, southeast of Paris, and quite impossible to drive to. Some day... it is not anticipated to be done until 2020, so we still have some time. If you want to take a look at it, it's called Guedelon Castle.

It's still not too late to make an offer, though. I'd even blog about it for your reading entertainment.





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