Friday, September 17, 2010

Painting at the zoo

Some friends (the usual suspects... the P family and the H-S family) and I decided to take some of our children to the zoo yesterday afternoon.  So we piled the middles and littles in the vans headed down.  (The oldests were in rehearsal.  Well, except for A. who wasn't in the scene which was being rehearsed.)  Our first stop was the children's area.  It was an incredibly quiet day and we nearly had the place to ourselves, so we decided we could manage the climbing area.  After you see what it looks like, you will understand why it is not much fun when there are hoards of children present.


Some of the 15 children we brought climbing in the structure.

More children in the climbing structure.

And what did the babies do while everyone was climbing?  Pretty much this:

G. on left and L. on right

After having climbed to their hearts' content, we headed off to other areas of the zoo.  We saw some lions:

TM on right

And then we headed to the wild dog exhibit which was our 'real' destination.  We have been studying wolves, foxes, and dogs this fall, so I thought it would be fun to watch the real thing and do some painting.

One end of the line-up.

From the other side.

P7, P6, and TM

And what did the babies do while everyone was painting?  Pretty much what they had done the entire afternoon:

Although this time I broke out some toys for them.  That was good for, oh, about as long as it took me to take this picture.  Let's just say it was not their favorite part of the day, and a very good thing one of my friends always travels with cheddar sharks.

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