Monday, May 30, 2016

The beginning of the good byes

Over the entire life of this blog, two other families have figured prominently on it... the P. family and the H-S family. All three families have more than the usual number of children, we all have some biological and some adopted children, and we all homeschool. We have watched each other's children when the others of us have been out of the country adopting. We have spent holidays and regular days together. If you look at any one of our family's photos, the children of the other two families figure prominently in them. Our children have grown up together and sometimes joke about the actual size of their family.

And in ten days, the H-S family packs up and moves to the west coast, which was originally home for them. We all knew this was coming, but it always seemed so far off. One of the future events that you can't quite imagine happening. And now it is upon us and and none of us can still quite fathom that it is happening.

There are no words.

Tonight, we will all get together for what could very well be our last dinner with just our families.

There are no words.

Instead, why don't I play the goofy flashback music like they do on TV shows and share some of our past history. As you can see from the probably incomplete list, we have a lot of history between our three families. And this is the stuff I wrote about... it doesn't include the everyday type stuff that never makes it to the blog. Even if you don't read every word, it's kind of fun to click through if only to see the children grow up.


Happy Birthday, P.!

The Battle of Antietam

That will be a table for 25 please

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Cute Pictures

Painting at the Zoo

Tet Trung Thu

Apple Picking

Off the church camp

December outing.. or doing some large family myth bashing

Day 15 (part 2): I have the best friends in the world

Easter 2012

Camping, large family style

Ahoy, Mateys!

Happy Not-back-to-school-day

An afternoon at the zoo

Miscellaneous Friday

Lots of pictures - part 1 - egg dying

More large family joy

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival - a day late

Apple picking 2014

Heading downtown

Sing with your children - part 2

Just your typical American-Chinese-Vietnamese Celebration

Artist Trading Card Party

Old World Wisconsin

All together again -- or I need a camera with wide angle lens

First day of school

I picked 8 apples today

Stay with your chaperones

Instant wedding

I've tagges this post as 'family life' and 'large families', but at the rate I'm going this year, I should really add another tag... 'grief'.

1 comment:

Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

I'm in California, if they need another homeschooling, larger than average family with a blend of bio and adoptive kids to hang out with. ;)

I'm sorry you're losing dear friends. We've had a couple close families move far away, and it's so sad.

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