Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cute pictures

So, the baby bunnies really do exist and I have pictures to prove it:

If you were just walking across my front yard, not looking where you were going, you would step right on them.

Of course, we had to spend some time painting them this morning.  It turns out that painting baby bunnies is fairly difficult.  Some people tried and gave up, choosing to paint something else.  Some didn't even want to attempt it.  And some gave it their best shot.  Here is TM's drawing:

And here is mine to give you a reference for TM's:

Since I promised cute pictures in the title, here is one we took Friday night of P5 and TM:

I'm afraid we did a rather rotten job of taking pictures on the Fourth, so I don't have any to share with you.  I do have a funny story, though.  As well as having a cookout with the P family and H-S family, it was also the birthday party for one of the H-S sons.  An ice cream sundae bar was part of the party, so everyone chose their toppings and took their ice cream outside to eat.  When the birthday boy's mother looked out the window, she saw 12 children, sitting in the sun, watching their ice cream melt, because no one had told them it was time to begin eating.  One of the older H-S daughters quickly rushed outside to give permission to start, so they would have some ice cream left.  I love this story for a couple of reasons.  First is that our children really do pay attention at home when we teach them about good manners.  Secondly, I am so appreciative to have such good friends whose parenting style matches my own.  It is so much easier to parent when rules and expectations are matched by other adults in my children's lives.
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