Monday, February 03, 2014

Just your typical American-Chinese-Vietnamese celebration

As pretty much everyone on the planet knows, yesterday was the Super Bowl. A few less people also know that last Friday was Tet and Chinese New Year. Since our friends, the H-S Family, invite us over for both events (as well as the P. Family), we decided to combine all three events. I considered calling it the "Super Chinese Tet Bowl", but J. said it sounded like a noodle dish, so I didn't.

For this event, the H-S Dad did his annual Super Bowl quiz which is completed ahead of time with prizes distributed after the game for most points scored. (Sample questions:  "Will there be a safety in the game?" or "What color will the M&M be in the M&M commercial?") There were Year of the Horse crafts and decorations. And there was a lot of food... and children.

Now, for the record, I really don't care about football. I bring my knitting and sit and chat with my friends in another room. I did watch the Rene Fleming sing the National Anthem, though. Can I just say how nice it was to watch someone who did not feel the need to draw out the last syllable of the song into 15 or 16 measures of music just to show off what a fantastic singer she is? Ms. Fleming knew she's good and thus did it straight, as written. It was beautiful and appropriate. Brava Ms. Fleming.

Here are some pictures from the evening:

B. and A.

P15, P18, HGBaby, and H H-S

D., ZT and ZG H-S

L. and G.

HG3, P5, K., and MY H-S

The food. 

And the traditional Vietnamese Banh Chung. TM loves it. He may be about the only one.

Here is what it looks like before it's sliced.

Scoring the game quiz

You think L. is a little tired at this point?
A couple other unrelated things. First, remember when I wrote about Napier bones and said I suppose someone more math minded than myself could probably figure out how they worked out the numbers on the rods? Well, that honor goes to D. (and just shows how presuppositions affect your thinking skills.) As he was looking at them, he realized that it is just a multiplication table that is cut apart into strips. The thing that makes it look tricky is that fact that the boxes are divided in half by lines. If I had actually looked at it, instead of supposing I couldn't figure it out, I would have seen that.
Next, is just a little bragging about my mother. She is a pianist (and a far better one than I) and she and her duo partner had an original piece written for them. Here is a link to a performance of it. My mother is playing the Piano 2 part. Be forewarned, the piece is a bit atonal.


Lucy said...

What's in the Banh Chung? I think it looks pretty good (but I am hungry right now ;-) )

Nice piano duet. I assume the redhead is your mother? Her partner looks exactly like my childhood piano teacher.

thecurryseven said...


The banh chung is bacon (pork belly) inside sticky rice which is then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. And my mother is the other pianist. She has taught piano for years and if you ever lived in the Phoenix area, then she very likely could have been your teacher.


sandwichinwi said...

Yes. Not enough information to tell us that your mother is playing the Piano 2 part. I understand what that means, but I'm unable to tell which part that is! LOL

I like the piece! They are wonderful!


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