He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed!

Some pictures of the family from Easter weekend:

Dying eggs with the H-S family...14 children, 12 dozen eggs, 25 cups of dye, and 0 major accidents.

Easter morning:

Each child has an Easter basket with some token gifts, plus we usually do a couple of family gifts. Everyone is very excited to watch the new DVD series by Phil Vischer (of Veggie Tales fame). We've never done the Easter bunny-thing, but there was some confusion about where the baskets come from. As the children were waiting upstairs for everyone to finish dressing, I heard one boy ask the other, "Who fills the baskets?" The second boy replied, "I'm not sure, I think it's Jesus."

After church we hunted eggs. It was a beautiful day and we were able to hunt outside; a very uncommon occurrence.

Easter dinner was shared by us with J.'s two sisters. There were 21 of us and the cousins had a great time playing together. We were just missing J.'s brother and his family.
And if you're curious, I did get G.'s dress done. Here are the girls in their Easter finery:

The bows are clipped to the tiny amount of hair they have on the top of their heads, but as you can see with L.'s bow, it was a troublesome adornment.
We hope you all had a blessed Easter.


April said…
What is the new DVD series called by Phil V.? Your Easter looks like it was a wonderful celebration! Thanks for sharing!
thecurryseven said…
It's a video series called, "What's in the Bible?" From what I understand, based on an interview I heard with Phil Vischer, it is apologetics for children. It looks like a lot of fun...we are going to watch the first one this week.

Here's the link: http://whatsinthebible.com/


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