Monday, January 26, 2015

Instant Wedding

What do you do when one of your best friends asks you to host her daughter's wedding at your house... in 24 hours? Say, yes, of course, and be thrilled that you can do this for a dear friend and an equally dear almost-daughter.

I love the fact that all my children will pitch-in and help when the situation calls for it. Between the efforts of the whole family, with some significant decorating help by M, A., and H. H-S, we were ready at 6 pm when the guests started to arrive.

The bride was P23 whom I've known since she was 4. (Sniff.) Her favorite color is yellow, so that's what we went with. It seems I have a lot of decorative-type stuff kicking around my house. I only had to make a run out to the store for yellow ribbon and yellow candles.

Welcome everyone! There's going to be a wedding!

We needed to come up with seating for 43 people.

The 12 and younger crowd were in the kitchen.

The living room where the ceremony took place.

Store-bought cake with decoration by AL H-S and A.

The P. family did the food... though all three dads helped to get it all together.

It's impossible to have a 'small' family wedding when your family consists of three families with 30 people between them... and a few other friends and relatives. Here are some of the younger people.

The Father-of-the-Bride reading Scripture.

The happy couple.

Congratulations P23 (though I think I'm going to rename you Mrs. R). We were so happy we could share this moment with you.

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