Saturday, June 07, 2014

Old World Wisconsin

I've spent the past two days driving long distances, walking and standing all day, then driving long distances again. It was all good, just exhausting. Thursday I went to a homeschool conference, not to listen to any speakers, just to shop and spend time with friends. (I may have to go to all conferences this way.) I was able to get everything on my list and school planning later this summer should be a breeze. I'm not sure there's better R&R for a homeschooling mother than a day buying books and chatting with friends. (We often chatted about books, but that's what makes us happy. We're odd like that.)

Yesterday we drove up to Old World Wisconsin to spend the day. It is a really well-done living history museum and we had a grand time. The H-S family joined us as well as another family who started out as virtual friends and have become real-life friends over time. (The P. family couldn't make it this trip, much to my children's disappointment... ) Other than the fact that the entire quarter of southeastern Wisconsin seems to be under road construction, the day was fantastic. We had absolutely gorgeous weather and once the masses of school children went home, we had the place virtually to ourselves. Often the interpreters in living history museums are hit or miss, but we really enjoyed talking to everyone we met. They were friendly and well-informed.

Some pictures...

Most of the group on the tram.

D. making a shingle. I would have taken a picture of G. making a shingle, but felt I needed to stay right next to her in case she tried to impale herself with the blade. (She didn't but I had a few jumpy moments.)

Petting the Percherons

I have two L. stories to share. First regarding horses... she's my girl, alright. We were at the blacksmith's shop, behind which was a field with a horse in it. L. wasn't so interested in the blacksmith and chose to stand at the fence and watch the horse. At one point, she comes running into the shop, grabs my hand and pulls me toward the fence saying, "Mommy, you have to see this, you have to see this!" The men who were caring for the horse see L. approaching with me and say, "You have a little girl who sure loves horses." The object of her affection was a 19 hand Percheron. (For the non-horsy among you, that would be a horse who stands 6' 3" at the base of the neck.) He was a big fellow and L. LOVED him.

It seems the other thing that L. loves is laundry. Who knew? Our last stop was at the home of a woman who took in laundry and there were laundry tubs set up so people could try their hand at it. Many people washed clothes for a while, but L., as is her nature, entered into her own imaginary world where she was the laundry woman and had to get the laundry done. Long after everyone had wandered off and were nearly back at the entrance, L. was still there, dutifully finishing the entire tub of laundry. The only thing to do was to sit down and wait for her.

These are with everyone doing laundry.

G. was the second to last to leave. Once she had finished her one piece and hung it up, she was done.

L. kept working...

and working...

and working...

until at last, the final piece of laundry was hung.

It was a great day and everyone is asking to go back again. I think we'll plan another trip for early fall and see what is happening at all the farms then. (I got a great deal on a Groupon for a Wisconsin history lover's pass which gets my entire family into quite a few museums for free. Love it... love the whole family-thing.)

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Yay for Wisconsin!!!!

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