Lots of pictures - part 1 - egg dyeing

It's been a busy but great weekend. I know what you're all dying to know is if I finished the dresses. And I did. At 11:30 Saturday night. I now know it is possible to make three dresses and 1 skirt in two and a half days, but I really don't want to do it again.

There are so many pictures to share with you, I'll do it in sections. Today I'll share pictures from egg decorating, tomorrow will be Easter, and then on Wednesday I'll do my birthday post for K. His actual birthday was yesterday, but we are celebrating today.

Here are pictures from decorating eggs. We went over to the H-S family's house and did it outside. It was sunny and many people thought it was warm, though I was still huddled in my winter coat. If you're wondering about the gloves most people are wearing it's because some of the egg dye is Greek egg dye. That stuff is powerful! Though festive, no one really wanted brightly dyed hands for Easter.

L. and TM

P5, K., and L.







D. (with some H-S boys)

I have some more that I'll put up on the facebook page if you didn't get enough here.


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