Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tet Trung Thu

Last night we (us, the P. family and the H-S family) celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.  We had Vietnamese cucumber salad and ginger chicken, Chinese dumplings and a beef stir-fry, and the not-so-traditional spinach lasagna for the people who preferred not to eat Asian food.

The moon, which very kindly made an appearance.

After dinner we began lighting lanterns for the lantern parade.  (The H-S family bought them on their visits to China and we supplemented with some bought in Chinatown.):

Yes, we are using real candles.  They are votive candles and they are hot-glued to the lanterns.  Plus, the grass was pretty wet if one happened to drop.  The lanterns were more likely to go out on their own, though, and we had no accidents.



Many children walking around with lanterns.  This was taken with a flash.  It really looked more like this:

After the lantern parade we had pineapple-filled moon cakes which were very good.  Those who thought they might not enjoy eating a moon cake had the knock-off version of Ding Dongs.  (They're round, like moons, you know.)

It was a late night and we're all getting a slow start this morning.  I suppose I should finish my second cup of coffee and get some small children dressed.

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Annette said...

Thanks for sharing about how your family celebrated. We didn't do anything this year, but I want to be more prepared for next year! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

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