Ahoy, mateys!

The murder mystery party which happened here on Saturday was a huge success. Great fun was enjoyed by all and it's just plain fun to watch these no longer little people. A. went as the official photographer, so these photos are just some of what she took. I've posted them in no particular order, but I'll try to tell you what's going on.

P20 and P18

This picture and the one below are at the very beginning of the party when everyone was gathering.

A couple of the pirates

A lot of socializing/playing took place in my front yard.

Not everyone was a pirate... some were scripted to not like pirates at all.

P20 and another of "my" girls. ("My" girls being the original five which I started the girls' Bible study with.)



B. - He was a commodore and was charged with arresting pirates.

Practice sword fights in my front yard.

The last of "my" girls. (I include P20, AL H-S, and, of course M. in that group.)

More front yard pictures. Evidently traffic did have a tendency to slow when the cars drove by the house.

And an apology to some of my newer readers. I know my whole initial system is bad enough for my own children, but it must be truly maddening when I start using initials for other people's children as well. I do this for the children in two other families... the P family and the H-S family. These are the two other large families whom we do a lot with and we have all watched each other's children over the years as we've have traveled for various adoptions. They are more like extended family than anything else. So, for the P family, since they all have the same first initial, I add on their ages and the H-S family gets their own initials. 

Oh, and did I mention that B. flew out yesterday morning to Nassau, Bahamas? He went with our church's youth group to work with Next Step Ministries at the All Saints AIDs Camp. They will be doing mostly construction-type work to help make improvements to the camp and will also interact with the camp residents. I will admit to making an exception to my no computer on Sunday rule because I wanted to check their flight status to make sure they arrived safely. Which they did. B. and the rest of the group will return this coming Saturday.


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