Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple picking 2013

Saturday morning we all piled in the van and drove to Michigan to pick apples, meeting our friends the P family and the H-S family at the orchard. We had beautiful weather, though it did turn a little chilly later in the day. Because it takes approximately 10 minutes for 14 people to pick 3 bushels of apples, we had planned to drive to a park and picnic afterwards to make the drive a little more worthwhile. It was a good day.

Some pictures:


P8 and D.



G. (Admire the outfit... she chose it herself. I think the polka dot knee socks are the crowning touch. My younger self would have never let her leave the house in it.)

J. and G.

TM, clearly saying, "Why are you taking my picture, we're just picking these apples."

A. H-S, P14, A., and P.

Some of our college girls were able to join us... M. and AL H-S

L. and B. spent a lot of time together. Since L. had new sneakers, she wanted to run and B. was happy to join her. (She announced that her new sneakers make her faster than Superman. Now you know.)

Cute, cute, cute


Anonymous said...

Hi, apple picking lots of fun. No mouthing stuffing like berry picking and cleaner too. ;) Beautiful children, I came from No greater joy mom.

God bless your family.


sandwichinwi said...

Love that last pic!

Shonya said...

Very fun! Though I must say, too bad you don't live closer to me. We have apples, apples, and more apples and I am just about preserved out! Applesauce, apple butter, frozen apples, canned apple pie filling. . .and I have two more trees alllmost ready that I haven't even touched!

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