All together again... or I need a camera with a wide angle lens

On Saturday we joined our very good friends the P. family and the H-S family for dinner. Because of everyone's various schedules, we hadn't seen much of each other all summer and all had a lot of catching up to do. Even better, nearly all of our children were there as well, including most of the college ones. So, when you have the chance you need to take a picture.

Between the three families, if you add my difficult to count/explain situation plus a couple of fiances, we now have 30 children from 6 different countries. That's a lot of people. So many people that when you line them up next to each other in age order, it's difficult to get everyone in the picture.

Maybe if I turn the camera on its side, I can get everyone in.

This works, but it's a little hard to look at and gives you a crick in the neck. Maybe I'll back up.

Yes, that did it, though it's now really difficult to see everyone, they are soooo far away.

Here's a close-up of some so you can see that P20 was also there via M.'s phone. The H-S's oldest wasn't available, so we don't have her on the iPad like we've done in previous pictures.

Do you want to compare how they've all grown? The first time we did this was way back in 2009 when we reenacted the Battle of Antietam. Then a year ago, at one of our family get-togethers we took another one. These are good, good friends. As J. has said to me, when you have this many children, you're going to see stuff, and we all have. And we've all been there for each other and cried with each other and rejoiced with each other. Very good friends, indeed.


mfisme said…
Fiances?!! Oh, my!

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