Off to church camp

Three children were successfully delivered to church camp yesterday.  We always make an event of it (when I'm not busy having babies, that is.)  We all go up, get everyone settled, play a bit and stay until camp officially starts, then head to a restaurant with our friends the H-S and P. families, finally coming home with very tired children.

Here is D. in front of his cabin... this is his first year to go to camp and excited doesn't even begin to convey how he was feeling about it.

P. at her cabin.  She's an old hand at church camp.  She has some girls she really likes in her cabin and I think it will be a fun week for her.

This is also the first year I am sending a counselor... here is M. in front of her cabin.

Two of M.'s very good friends are also counselors... A.L. of the H-S family and P19 from the P. family are also at camp this week.

Here are P17 and B. (holding L.) while they wait around to head to dinner.  I wish I would have thought to get a picture of these two boys playing horseshoes.

K. seemed to enjoy the table tennis paddles... this was some sort of interpretive dance... I think.

Here's TM entertaining himself with the table tennis balls:

And there were four girls who really wished they were going to camp but were too old to be campers, but too young to be counselors.  I'm missing P12, but here are P15, A., and H (from the H-S family).

The campers will return on Saturday, with many stories to share, I'm sure.


sandwichinwi said…
In two weeks, I send 4 out of 5 to church camp. In TWO YEARS, all FIVE will be there for at least part of the week (first year campers only go half a week) It will be the only year they are all there together. :(

Enjoy you (quieter?) week!


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