Mid-Autumn Moon Festival - a day late

It was a crazy day which began with no internet and too much pee, thus, no blog post. Here is what I was planning on sharing this morning.

Last Friday night we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival with our good friends the P Family and the H-S Family. Technically, it was Thursday, but Friday fit better with everyone's schedules, so that's what we did. The rain held off, though we didn't get to see the moon.

A. helping to light lanterns

Some of the littles

Some of the middles

More middles

A. and P14

Best buddies (that would be K. and P5 on the right)

Randomness (that's D.)

Moon Cakes! Our assortment had pineapple (my favorite), bean paste, and salted egg. (The salted egg was not the most popular,except with A.)

H. H-S, P17, and B.

I also have a new article up on politics and homeschooling.


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