Large Families

I know that large families are not for everyone, but they are a viable choice which creates healthy, well-adjusted children.  I hope that in my writing I show that having many children can be a joy, not that much more work than one, two, or three children (and sometimes less), and that it's just a lot of fun.  Of course we have our challenges, but that is due more to the nature of parenting than the number of children we have.  I have listed below links to posts where I deal specifically with raising a large number of children.  You'll notice the progression as we grew from a family with 5 children to a family with 10 children.

Why a large family?
When is a family not a family?
How do you do it?!
Why 7 are easier than 2 or 3
Where everybody knows your name
Evidently 8 isn't enough
Feral children
It's a close as I will get to being a celebrity
Happy birthday, P!
The Battle of Antietam
Small annoyances
That will be a table for 25
History at the Art Institute
Stocking up
Travel news
Dinner for eleven
The long view
Breakfasts in the Big Ugly House
Time flies
Big Ugly House tour
The tale of three frying pans
Big night out
Back to life as usual
Family tree trimming party
Sitting in big girl chairs
An open letter to President Obama
Cleaning out
In which we go on a field trip and I continue to tilt at windmills
Circus side shows
Expecting too much of our children?
New household job schedules
December outing... or large family myth busting
Group home or family?
Growing from a small family to a large family
Large family food
Large Families go to the Movies

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