Breakfasts in the Big Ugly House

I would like breakfast a lot more if it didn't happen in the morning.  But as it is, I have it pretty good.  J., for quite some time now, has taken on breakfast duties.  He usually comes downstairs first, makes the coffee and often something yummy for breakfast... baked oatmeal (my favorite), muffins, scones (I also really like these), or a quick bread.  He then brings me a cup of coffee to me to drink in bed while I try to wake-up.  I'm spoiled.

Other times the children will make themselves either scrambled or fried eggs and toast.  And in the winter we often have hot cereal (oatmeal, farina [which is like cream of wheat], or I've even done couscous with peaches).  Hot cereals are trickier to navigate because some like one kind, others like another kind, and some don't care for hot cereal at all.  We have to try to stagger what kind we have so as to spread the unhappiness around.

I do try to make things to have on hand so he doesn't need to bake every morning.  I told you about the English muffins I made.  (They were good and I need to make them again.)  We make granola fairly regularly and I'll cook a bunch of hard-boiled eggs to have on hand when I have a few spare minutes.  When I have more than a few minutes, I'll use the egg molds.  And for a special treat, I'll make doughnuts.

But one of my favorite breakfasts to have on hand is homemade instant oatmeal.  It is very like the little packets of instant oatmeal you buy in the store, but I keep ours in a big bin (no silly little packets) and I can tailor the flavors to suit the family.  Want to try making some?  Here's the recipe:

Instant Oatmeal (This originally came from , but I have done a bit of tweaking.)
(This makes quite a bit.)

2 c. oats, chopped in a food processor until powdery
4 c. oats, chopped in a food processor until coarse
1 tsp salt

Mix together.  If you want flavored oatmeal add the following:

4 tsp cinnamon
2 c. dried apples, chopped
1 c. sugar

Brown sugar and cinnamon
1 c. brown sugar
1/4 c. cinnamon

Raisin and brown sugar
1 c. brown sugar
1 c. raisins

Fruit and cream
1 c. dried milk
2 c. dried fruit (we like dried peaches)
3/4 c. sugar

1 c. sugar
4 tsp maple flavoring

I store each flavor in a labelled (with type of oatmeal and instructions) gallon ziplock bag.  For each serving, put 1/4 c. of mixture in a bowl and pour in ~1/2 c. boiling water.  Let sit and then stir.  This serving size is too small for my big eaters, so our usual serving size is twice this.  This is a great, quick breakfast to have on hand for cold winter mornings.

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4 Moms are hosting another link-up, this time about breakfasts.  If you want to read about other families' breakfast routines, click the link above.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great idea!
Mama Burke said…
What a great idea! My girls love porridge and I usually have been making the packaged instant, but the flavoured ones are so sugary, plus they are expensive. I will definitely be trying this.
sandwichinwi said…
Great post! My favorite comment: "so as to spread the unhappiness around." Love it!

I am spoiled as to breakfast, too. My dh makes all the same things you mentioned. He doesn't eat eggs, so the kids will sometimes make them for themselves. We make instant oatmeal, too.

I don't like carbohydrate-y breakfast food, so I usually eat leftovers. I much prefer something salty/savory to something sweet in the morning.

And as for coffee, I've trained my dh to LIKE coffee, but not so well as to need his own in the morning. Thus, he doesn't make it. I drag to the machine with half-opened eyes and make my own. Woe the mornings I need to GRIND coffee besides!


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