Friday, October 01, 2010

Have you seen these?

These cute little objects are hard boiled egg molds.  During my Bento Box obssession last summer I came across these.   (No, I do not know why I developed an obssession with Bento, it's not as though I ever pack anyone a lunch.  If you don't know what Bento is, look at this Flickr pool to see some amazing examples.)  I had never heard molding hard boiled eggs before, but fell in love with the idea.  Last week I finally broke down and bought some molds.  It's probably easier if I just show you what they do.

First, you hard boil your eggs, just as you normally would.  Then when they are still hot, you peel them and put the egg into the mold.  I haven't had any problems peeling them.  I do it in the sink and hold the egg under the faucet whenever it gets too hot to touch.

You then close up the mold and put it in a bowl of cold water.  They stay there until the egg has completely cooled.

When the eggs are cool, you open up the molds and you have hard boiled eggs in the shapes of cars and fish and bunnies and bears.  (I haven't had as much luck with the bears.  They really need extra-large eggs and I only have large ones on hand.)  There are also stars and hearts which I may have to get next.

Here the are all done:

 Since they're kind of hard to see, I took some close-ups for you.  First, the bunny:

 Then the car.  Guess which egg is K.'s favorite.

And the fish:

Pretty fun, huh?  The children all love them and are very excited every time I do this.  I don't often feel like a fun mom and this is an easy way to make my children feel special and loved.

So that's one part of tomorrow's breakfast.  We'll also be having some homemade apple cider doughnuts which I made today as well:

I love fall.  Now, to get back to the pumpkin I have draining on my kitchen counter that I need to freeze.


Anonymous said...

So are you going to share your apple cider doughnut recipe?
Kim Crawford

Beth said...

I haven't been reading for a while 'cuz life has been pretty crazy, but I had my first Pho tonight and it was wonderful and I thought of your family.

I went through a bento box obsession. I could get easily carried away. We had a Daiso nearby when we lived in Vancouver and I loved all of the little containers for every purpose under the sun.

thecurryseven said...

Mmmm... we love pho. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


sandwichinwi said...

WHY are the peeled eggs brown, pray tell...

thecurryseven said...

They really are white... I think it is my not-quite-wonderful photagraphy that makes them look not white.


Emily b said...

These egg molds are just so incredibly cute. I am thinking stocking stuffers for Christmas. Emily b

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