Travel news

I love getting happy emails, especially emails that contain a photo of my daughter.  Here is a photo which a team member's mother took at the LA airport before the team flew out to Samoa.  M. is the tall, blond in the first standing row.  It's good to see her, but, boy, I miss her.  Currently the team is at a remote site on Samoa that does not even have phone access.  They are camping right on the ocean and doing a lot of construction.  The TMI website did say they got to go swimming in the ocean above a coral reef.  It should be fun to hear all about it.

In other travelling news, our friends in China seem to be having a positive time.  Their new son is transitioning well (so far) and has even started to give kisses.  There are a lot of cute pictures on their blog.

Finally, we are about to pull out of here to go camping for several days.  (Our house guests will be here to keep an eye on the house, feed all the animals, and enjoy some rare peace and quiet.)  I have to say, that getting ready for trips is one of the big downsides to having a large family.  The amount of luggage we create, even for a short trip is astounding.  And then when you add in all the stuff you need to camp... It's one reason why I'm inside blogging and not outside trying to squeeze it all in and on the van.

We are not taking the laptop (it would kind of defeat the purpose of camping, wouldn't it?), so things will be pretty quiet here until we get back.  I'll take lots of pictures, though.  I'm sure there will be many pictures of extremely dirty babies.  Crawling babies + campsites = bleh!


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