The Tale of the Three Frying Pans

Once upon a time there was a husband and a wife.  They were very happy.  Because there was only two of them, they used a little frying pan and ate very well.

Then some children came along.  They were still very happy, but had to use a bigger frying pan to feed everyone.

Yet more children joined the growing family and even the large frying pan became too small.  A bigger one must be found in order for everyone to have enough food.

The not-so-little family now eats well again and are happy with their very large frying pan.  And they lived happily ever after.  (Except they still can't have risotto because even the very large frying pan can't hold enough to feed all 11 of them.)

... which is why I became so excited while idly thumbing through one of the masses of catalogues arriving at our home when I saw the 20 inch frying pan.  (Go ahead, get out a ruler and see how big that is.  The largest frying pan above is a mere 14 inches.)  I could make risotto again because I would have enough for everyone.  And then I saw the description.  They were selling the very-very-large frying pan as an expensive gag gift, because underneath appeared these words, "hilariously oversized"!  I have already shared how our family is 'outside acceptable parameters', and now I think I will have to add, 'hilariously oversized'.

(Hey, does anyone have any great tips as to how to clean stainless steel stoves in order to remove the what seems to be permanently burned-on stains?)


MamaPPod said…
Where might one find the 20 inch fry pan, which is "hilariously oversized"? A google search for one turns up approximately 1 million 20 cm (8 inch) fry pans, and only 3 legitimate hits - one for a paella pan, which is too flimsy for everyday use, one for a cast iron pan, and one for a camping frypan suitable for use over a campfire, with a handle long enough that it wouldn't fit in my cabinets! While I like the cast iron one, I am not sure I can justify the hefty price tag!
thecurryseven said…
We aim to please here at the Big Ugly House, where you go for all of your hilariously oversized products.

I found it in the Wireless catalogue:

susieloulou said…
My friend found a site with an oven cleaner recipe - 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon baking soda, some amount of white vinegar.
I'm sorry I don't remember the proportions, but it cleaned our ovens amazingly (they were overdue - we had an oven cleaning challenge)
Anyway, I started using some baking soda/vinegar mix to clean my pizza pans because the cheese would be burned on pretty permanently, it totally softens it up!
Melissa said…
If the baking soda/vinegar cleaner doesn't work, Barkeeper's Friend (a powder sold in the grocery store near the Comet powder) is great for stainless steel cleaning needs too.

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