The clothes situation around here was getting truly dire.  TM and D. have grown so much that they had very few clothes that fit.  They were showing a lot of ankle.  Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and went shopping for them. 

Now the key to clothing so many people is to never buy anything at full price.  And if you can get things at a thrift store or a rummage sale that's even better.  So, my first course of action when clothes are needed and I don't have them in my basement is to head off to my favorite thrift store.  Mondays are always half price so it's the only day I go.  It was a particularly fruitful excursion.  Here's what I found:

This pile contains:  11 pairs of pants (both jeans and dress pants) for TM and D.; 8 long-sleeved button-down shirts (both casual and dress) for the same boys; 1 pair of pants for K.; 3 button-down shirts for K.; 3 pairs of boys' dress socks; 2 skirts for A.; 2 skirts for E.; a skirt, a jumper, a blouse, and a long-sleeved for the babies; and 2 pieces of fabric, each several yards long (it's in the bottom left corner).

And the best part?  It all totalled just $59.29!  That averages a mere $1.66 per item.  And while that's a really expensive pair of socks, it's a great deal on everything else.  I love my thrift store.

Now I need to wash it all, go through the boys' and babies' dressers and pull-out and box the outgrown clothes so there is room for the new size.  This is a chore I dread and is probably the one thing I dislike about having a large family... having to do this x9.


Lucy said…
I only have three kids but sorting through clothes still in the drawer/closet for fit is still an unwelcome chore. I've got a plan though, as soon as I can get another laundry basket I'm going to set it on top of the dryer and whenever I see a kid wearing something too small, I'll have them take it off and put it directly in that basket.

Eventually the basket will fill, I'll wash and file in one fell swoop.

Similarly, when their drawers are empty, I'll know it's time to go shopping (or visit the basement ;-) ) :-D
MamaPPod said…
So I read your post, and had to rack my brains to figure out who 'E' is.

And it hasn't been that long since I've seen you, either. A mere 60 minutes, or so.
Ann said…
Rock on girl!!
Also, I love Lucy's idea. Too often, I wash the item, thinking I will remember to put it in the Goodwill box--only to forget, fold it, and it ends up in the child's dresser again. Thanks!

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