Welcome 2013

It's 11:30 am here, and people are still straggling out of bed. Even L. slept in until 10:30, which is very, very good considering how tired she was last night. Both little girls made it until midnight, though a little worse for wear. We had a wonderful party with wonderful friends. It was a good way to start the new year.

So now I have pinto beans soaking on the stove waiting to be turned into beans and ham for the new year. For my readers in the south, yes, I know they're supposed to be black-eyed peas, but I have a rather unique reason for using pintos. My paternal grandmother grew up in Louisiana and moved to Arizona as a young woman. At that time, black-eyed peas could not be found, so she settled for pintos which could be. Consequently, it was pinto beans and ham that my father grew up eating on new year's. And because this is what my father was used to eating, it is what my mother fixed every new year's, so it is what I fix for new year's. Interesting stuff, huh?

I don't usually do resolutions. It seems to be an exercise in frustration and a great way to make a person feel disappointed in themselves. At the beginning of the new church year (that would be Advent), I did think I wanted to do a better job of celebrating the seasons of the church year with my family. I have a feeling this means coming up with ideas for how to do this myself, the liturgical year for families not being a book title I've seen a lot. I also think I want to include some Jewish holidays into our family celebrations. You can never have too many holidays, can you? I have two questions for all of you. Do you observe the liturgical year, and if so what do you do? And... do you observe Jewish holidays and if so, which ones?

And now, I thought I'd share some of the more popular posts from 2012 in case you missed them, and I can provide some real content, something that has been lacking around here for a week or so. (That would be based on hits a post received... some I understand, but others, I have to admit I am completely baffled by their popularity.)

Happy reading... and Happy New Year!!


LawMommy said…
Happy New Year.

I made peas and ham yesterday, because...I really like peas and ham and I had them readily available and I forgot to soak the black eyed peas. But the split pea and home soup was delightful. We paired it with the Japanese (and Chinese, I think?) tradition of eating things that are round on New Year's Day for good luck - oranges, biscuits, and baby bell cheeses, and round crackers with pieces of pickled herring on them. (Okay, David mostly ate the pickled herring and I said, "ew" and he said, "this is the herring of your people!" and we laughed. I think it's good to laugh as the new year starts. I will never understand the Swedish love of pickled fish, however.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

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