Saturday, January 14, 2012

Girls' rooms - big and little

So, when you have two 2 year olds, I have discovered that there is never a good time to clean their room, much less organize it.  Because they want to help.  And the word help in the 2 year old mind evidently means, "very carefully watch what Mommy does and then undo it" because if Mommy wanted to do it once, she must  want to do the same thing over and over again.  My usual solution to this problem is to do things that they may want to help with during their nap.  But you can't clean a child's room while they nap in it.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Thankfully G. and L. love Winnie the Pooh and will happily sit and watch for as long as I will let them.  Today was a bonanza for them and also for me since I was able to really clean their room.  Here are the results.  (Enjoy them because it will probably never look so neat and tidy again.)

Walking in from the doorway:

Their closet (which they still share with their older sisters, since their new room doesn't have one), the new (to us) toy bench and the basket with their Duplo:

Dollies and the dolly dresser:

Their beds and dressers (the door goes into the bathroom):

These are the curtains I made last weekend.  I love, love, love this print and bought it on a whim about a year ago thinking I would make the little girls dresses out of it.  But, the print is fairly large and I never could find a pattern that I thought would work, so it sat in my stash, where I would look at it guiltily, until last week when it occurred to me it would be perfect for their room.

I also used it to recover the bench and make three little pillows for it.  The pillows were a steal at $2 each at IKEA; I couldn't have bought stuffing for that much.

I still want to print out some vintage children's patterns and put them in frames to hang above the dolly bed.  I have just enough fabric left that I should be able to use it as a mat for the pictures.

Taking these pictures made me realize I never shared the end result of A. and P.'s room.  It still needs curtains or shades and I still haven't found a fabric I like that I can afford so I can make them.  The hunt continues.  the rest of the room is pretty much done.

A.'s bed:

The desk:

The bookshelf-turned-dresser:

P. and H.'s beds:

And a bookcase:

After what feels like months of working on this great room switch, I think we are just about done.  If I could only find fabric...


Emma said...

What great spaces for your daughters! I'm inspired.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like you might be "nesting". Are you expecting someone to come soon! I sure hope so:)
Kim Crawford

Stevens Family said...

Beautifully done! Love the vintage look for the littles' room. So cool! Corey is slowly moving out of his "den" to make way for our little guy. We are still debating what kind of decor we're going to go with though.

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