Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pool noodles and big girl beds

The little girls have had two nights in their big girl beds. They love their beds and happily stay in them. This is good because my biggest reason for not moving them sooner was that I wasn't sure they would stay in bed and I had visions of little girls wandering about the house in the middle of the night. It wasn't a restful thought.

But while they are voluntarily staying in bed while they are awake, they are having trouble staying in bed while they are asleep. It seems each girl needs to fall out of bed once each night. The first night we tried them without any rails or anything, mainly because we didn't have them. It wasn't too bad, but I was afraid they would get hurt if they kept falling out. Then one of my readers gave me the hint to try pool noodles under the mattress pads to act as a small bumper on either side. I thought this was genius, so made a mental note to try to find pool noodles. In September. This is what led to the funny exchange with A. yesterday in Aldi.

A:  You should get some pool noodles for the girls' beds to stop them from falling out.
Me:  Yes, I saw that, but I have no idea where to start looking for them in September.
A:  They have them here. That's why I mentioned it.
Me:  They do? Where? I don't see any. (While looking around me trying to see pool noodles.)
A:  Um, they're right there. (Pointing to a large box of them less than five feet from where I was standing.)
Me:  Oh. Well, I'll get some.

Clearly, I shouldn't be allowed out by myself.

So, last night, we installed the pool noodles. The trouble is, only one bed currently has a mattress pad because I didn't have a second one. The pool noodle-thing doesn't work so well under just the sheet because it isn't quite strong enough to hold it in place. We tried to solve this by safety pinning it in place and put them in bed.

I don't think we safety pinned the noodles in quite the right way since G. fell out of bed because the noodle had gotten pushed to the side of the mattress. I readjusted the pins after comforting G. and it seemed to stay the rest of the night and was fine.

L. was another story. Her noodles stayed in place. (That's a funny sounding sentence, isn't it?) But, she is a very floppy fish when she sleeps and she fell out of bed because she had flopped herself right over the top of the noodle. I'm not quite sure what the fix is for that. I'm hoping that they will each get the hang of sleeping in a bed and it won't be an issue, but we may be investing in bed rails after all.
I'll write more about this tomorrow, but for right now, Compassion International is having a special month for bloggers where the grand prize is a trip to visit (and blog about) a country that Compassion works in and visit their programs. Oh, how much I would love to get to do this someday. The blogger who sends the most traffic to Compassion's child sponsorship site and then has the most readers sign up to sponsor a child is the one who gets the trip. Realistically, I'm not in the running for the prize, but I would love all of you to take a look at the children who needs sponsors so that they can stay in their family of origin. Click the link up above or on the side bar and take a look. Thanks!


Somebody's Nana said...

If you still have their crib mattresses, place them on the floor near the bed at night. In the morning, shove them under the bed. We always did that with our kids, and usually if they fell out, they didn't even wake up.

Anonymous said...

Could you buy some additional pool noodles and build a long noodle pyramid for each side(I'm thinking hot glue)adding some height and base stability?

Lucy said...

We're getting ready to transition our 2 year old out of the crib, what we do is just forgo the bed frame and the box springs for a couple years and put the mattress right on the floor.

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