The top 11 posts of 2011

I have several chapters of Isaiah to prepare, so I'm doing an easy post.  I went back over the past year to see which posts garnered the most comments (minus those which contained give-aways or requests for information), and I'm going to share them with you.  It will give you something to read if you missed them the first time around and give me the needed prep time.  Here they are, from least to most comments:

11.  Foolishness

10.  Circus side shows

9. Summer canning

8.  Mudroom mayhem

7.  Behavior and consequences

6.  Rules for family meals, Big Ugly House style

5.  Homeschool resource room

4.  An open letter to President Obama

3.  Bees!

2.  Prayer requests

1.  To God be the Glory, Great Things He Hath Done

And a bonus... I have a new article up at Heart of the Matter Online on dealing with cold and flu season.


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