Mudroom mayhem

You ever have one of those moments when you look in a room of your house and decide that you have to do something about it NOW, or you will be forced to do something drastic?  Well, this morning our mudroom pushed me over the edge and I knew it must be tackled.

Here are the before photos:

Not a welcoming sight, is it?  And whenever something begins to accumulate junk, it seems it becomes the dumping ground for everything.  After a mere 1 1/2 hours of work and several bags of winter gear taken to the basement, here are the results:

Bet you didn't even know there was a bench under there, huh?

We even have two empty hooks for H. when she comes home.

I'm trying something new.  Each child has a canvas bag in which to keep their gloves, hats, scarves, etc.  I'm hoping this will help stop them from wandering about the house.  And I'm hoping that it will stop the little girls from playing dress-up with them because they will be out of sight.

I'm sure I will walk by this room repeatedly today and let out happy, blissful sighs.  D. is also thrilled, since it is job to keep this room clean, and it had become impossible for him.



Erica said…
Such a nice feeling to get a room organized isn't it. My basement is the room giving me grief, but I have been avoiding it.
Anonymous said…
Looks like a job well done! What is it about organization that just make everything feel better?
Kim Crawford
Barbara said…
So beautiful! And I know what you mean about the big happy sighs when you walk by work well done.

Hope the family will cooperate in keeping it that way. But still, God sees it and He is glad!

Kim said…
with our kids it is always a challenge to keep things together. I like the canvas bag idea. I wish we had a mud room. Although in AZ we don't have too much mud, mostly dust.
Anonymous said…
WOW! Looks amazing! Well done! I need to tackle a corner of my bedroom that looked similar. Wish me luck!
asian~treasures said…
Looks great...and, if you ever come across just a left-handed glove, I know a certain boy who would be thrilled...and, his momma, too. I hate, hate buying a pair of gloves when we only need one. : )
thecurryseven said…
Asian-treasures-- That honestly never crossed my mind as something to think about. In fact, I though at first you were asking because that certain boy left something here last summer... but that didn't make sense because it was summer and why would he have brought a glove. Finally all the pieces fell into place and it made sense. I will certainly keep my eyes open for any left-handed stray gloves and I will be thrilled with having something to do with them!

Lucy said…
Love the canvas bag idea! I have many of those that are unused but I can't quite bring myself to throw away something so potentially useful. Thanks!
Dawn said…
I love this post. Why? Because it looks like MY mudroom...the before pictures, anyway!

We're only a family of 5, but the coats TAKE OVER in the winter! We were just talking yesterday about putting in a top row and bottom row of coat hooks...and after seeing this, I definitely want to do that. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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