In the sidebar, in the About Us section, it says that we here in the Big Ugly House are followers of Jesus.  I know I have readers from many different places and many different countries and I want to clarify what that means.

You see, we humans have a big problem.  We intuitively know what is right, but so often we don't do it.  We can't explain why we don't do what is right, but we just can't.  We can never be perfect all the time (if we can be at all).  This is sin.  We were born with it and we can't get rid of it, no matter how hard we try.  But yet the God who created the universe is perfect.  Perfectly good.  (And frankly, I wouldn't want to worship a god who wasn't.)  Being perfect, He cannot abide what is imperfect or wrong.  And so we're stuck.  How do we get to God when we can't be perfect?

But not only is God perfectly good, He is also perfectly loving.  He loves us, his creation, so much that He devised a solution.  Since we can't get to him by being perfect, He choose to come to us.  God became flesh in the form of Jesus.  Jesus came to earth to create a pathway for sinful humans to come to God.  Our sinfulness is worthy of punishment, but God in his mercy and grace took our punishment for us.  Jesus died on a cross in our place.  But the story doesn't end there.  Yes, Jesus died a horrific death and he was buried in a tomb.  But Jesus being God was stronger than death.  After taking our punishment, he came back to life.  With Jesus there is no more death, instead there is everlasting life with a God who loves us. 

And how do we enter into this love?  Merely by accepting Jesus' act of sacrifice on our behalf.  That's all.  There are no lists of rules that must be followed.  No items to be checked off a list.  No physical ordeals to endure.  All you have to do is to say yes to Jesus.  And after that?  Well, your life will change.  When you say yes to Jesus you become a member of God's family.  You become a child of God.  Right there in the Bible, God says if you follow Jesus, you are his child.  Not a mere follower or some hanger on, but a son or daughter of the living God.

With God's love in you, who knows what you will be capable of?  Who knows how that love will be made known to others?  Because with that much love flowing through you, you can't help but to love others.  And love is a very powerful thing.

One last thing.  If you do say yes to Jesus, tell someone who also follows Him.  That person will rejoice with you and help you learn about this new life you have entered into.

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