Thanksgiving table runner

I finished the casual Thanksgiving table runner. I'm sort of happy with it. I need to experiment some more with stabilizers because I don't like how bubbly the fabric is around the embroideries. It's a learning process.

Don't let the picture fool you. The leaves are separate. I made most of those years ago.

I found this guy last year on a 70% off sale.

The edges (though you can't see them because of the leaves) all have embroidery trim.
I found the little squirrel at the same sale.
From the other side.
I even got out matching napkins.
Everyone has a specific napkin ring, so we can keep the napkins separate. This way we can reuse cloth napkins without getting them mixed up. I totally stole this idea from J.'s aunt.
And now the answer to my quiz on Saturday. The total for that cart full of groceries was $226. What I should have told you is that I'm a little compulsive about how the groceries go in the cart in the first place. It's the only way I can get a…

It's the grocery shopping game

What large families eat, how much they eat, who fixes it, and where the food is procured are questions that are perennial favorites. With that in mind, I thought I would talk about large families, food, and the holidays, specifically Thanksgiving which is pretty heavily food-centered.

It will be all fourteen of us this year as well as another family we are friends with who have seven children. (To be entirely accurate, two of those seven are babies, and won't be eating what's on the table.) They will also be bringing a few of the sides we will be having.

Friday I did the grocery shopping for the week, including all the holiday meals. It also included TM's birthday dinner which we had last night. Am I the only one who really thinks that people should not expect to eat the week leading up to a holiday which involves a major meal? Yet, they do, so I also had to get food for the seven days around Thanksgiving. That would be breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

I usually only have…

Friday bullets, Nov. 15, 2018

We have hit the time of year where it feels as though some cosmic fast-forward button has been pushed. Do you feel that way?

No barn pieces have been delivered. This alone probably explains why I have resorted to posting pictures of kittens. I'll let you in on a secret. The more animal posts you see here, the more likely you probably do not want to talk to me because I am not in a pleasant mood.On some level it's probably good I don't have a barn at the moment as I would be sorely tempted to find a pony to put a bow on for Christmas. L. asked me to trim her hair the other day, which means that she and G. have about the same length hair again. This also means that everyone who has been relying on hair length to tell the girls apart will now be stumped. I mentioned this to L. before I trimmed it, and she was fine with that.Under the heading of things you've just never thought about: chickens leave footprints in the snow. I have two twenty pound turkeys thawing in my refrig…


Some days you just need pictures of cute kittens. They have been temporarily names Thor and Junior, and are four weeks old and 1 1/2 pounds each. Teeny tiny little balls of fluff who love to chase and pounce.

Combating the socialization issue

Be forewarned, I'm feeling a little kvetchy this evening. It is looking entirely possible that this barn will not be finished before Thanksgiving. This is upsetting in so many ways, I cannot even begin to list them all. I'm afraid it is not making me a pleasant person to be around.

It is also probably why I decided to remove myself from an online conversation yesterday. I try to maintain a pretty non-confrontational tone in online interactions, but my mood combined with my great weariness over the topic was not seeming like a good combination. So instead, I will just bombard you with my thoughts, and then go play with the two adorable kittens upstairs. (They are so cute when they play, and they are still so very tiny ]1 1/2 pounds each], that you just cannot believe they are real instead of teeny, tiny stuffed animals.)

What is the question that had me sighing out loud? It was the "S" word... or socialization in homeschoolers. Sometimes I just cannot quite believe th…

How do you spend your Sundays?

I evidently spend mine embroidering turkeys. Here's one:

(Ignore the really horrible stabilizing job. And I'm still not sure that I'm quite happy with this one, I may be trying more.)
I've been thinking about holidays which makes me think about serving dinner which makes me think about the table. Because of the set up of this house, our formal dining room table did not make the move. You know, the one which my dozens of tablecloths fit. Our current dining room table is our former kitchen tables put together to form a square. A very large square. It is very difficult to fit any sort of tablecloth on a very large square table I've discovered. 
But a bare table just does not seem very festive for major holiday dinners, so I've decided that table runners are the way to go. They will provide some interest without trying to find a large enough cloth to fit the table in all the right ways. Plus, they are pretty easy to make, so I could do some fun ones as well as more…

Some progress

We are a step further in the barn going up. Yesterday and today, we had large digger trucks in our yard, digging a very long trench from the well to where the barn will be, and three hydrants were installed near the future barn. Then the trenches were filled. My yard is... well... looking rather like a construction site. But since it means we're one step closer to having the barn done, I'm okay with it. Garden parties when spring rolls round again are probably not going to be on the list, though. I see the need for some grass seed. There is still the electrical to get out there, which also means some more digging. Maybe several bags of grass seed will be needed.

Since the barn is just going to be the shell, we also need to figure out how to create stalls and a hay storage area. J. has been looking at different ways to use pallets to do this, and I think it will work. To that end, J., TM, and I went out bright and early this morning to collect 10 or so free ones that I found vi…