Grammar geek

Grammar geek would be referring to me, mainly because I started teaching the five youngest how to diagram sentences yesterday. I was actually inordinately excited, because I think diagramming sentences is cool. Even better, you know that extra English grammar book I ended up with during the teacher manual saga? Well, I did hand it to H. to use along with the other four. We are all doing English together, which is working well. With a little help H. is managing to keep up. The biggest difference being I need to sit with H. while she does the written work, and the others can pretty much handle most of it on their own.

When we got to diagramming compound subjects and compounds predicates today, I wasn't sure how it would go. I was correct that she was confused when I was teaching everyone all together, but then when I sat with just her and explained it again, she was able to do this.

It actually makes me kind of glad that I had the whole textbook fiasco and ended up with an extra book. I'm quite sure that without it, I wouldn't not have considered having H. try it.


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