Welcome to my living room... sit here while I show you slides from our vacation

Last week nearly all of us drove to western Pennsylvania where we rented a couple of houses with some of J.'s siblings. There were two houses; here is the one we stayed in.


The ladder up to the loft where K. and D. slept. K. loved this ladder and would go up and down it over and over and over and...

The loft

The lawn between the houses

The gravel road to the main road

We were right by a river. Here is one of the paths down.

The river

We were also right by a train track. See how close the train is? Trains a loud. Very loud.

Cousins spent much of the week playing together in the river.

One afternoon we treked to Ohiopyle State Park and played at a natural slide area.

Looking into a cave they found.

By the end of the afternoon, H. was finally getting comfortable enough to do a little playing.

M. was able to join us, which was a treat and a lot of fun. She's pretty fun to have around.

I'm still not quite sure why she isn't a biologist, though. One afternoon she found this butterfly on the grass and tried to rehabilitate it. (This is the underside.)

Feeding it sugar water

The top side

We had a lot of fun and it was quite relaxing. I read a lot. (I'll share my book list tomorrow.) We missed B., who had to work, and A. who was at a week-long state Police Explorer competition. Her post had a nice write-up in the newspaper. (It's free right now, I don't know if it turns a pay link later.) We now seem to be at the stage of life where having every person together at one time is a rare treat. 


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