Friday, September 28, 2012

Revisiting some past posts

I am completely going to cheat on writing this post and link to a bunch of stuff I've already written. Today was one of those hectic days where I feel as though I can never quite catch my breath. First, I spent a long time sitting in the boys room "encouraging" them as they picked it up. Then I went and had my hair cut and helped back to the color I was born with. (This part of the day was absolutely necessary due to a passing comment asking about my grandchildren earlier in the week.) From there I went and picked up some paper so that we can make paper lanterns tomorrow so we are ready to celebrate the Moon Festival on Sunday. After quick bite to eat, it was back out to the grocery stores. Dinner preparations had to immediately follow because B. and A. needed to leave for their youth group's fall retreat. After putting children to bed this is the first moment I've had to even think about blogging and I don't have a lot of energy to think about it even now.

So as I was wasting some time the other day I realized that I have quite a few old posts that very people have ever actually read. Instead of writing something new, I'm just going to direct to something old that you might not know about. I'll try to post something more current tomorrow... maybe about our attempts at making paper lanterns. (In my head it's going to work rather well, as long as I can find battery-operated tea lights.)

I will sort these out by topic. I tend to write on the same topics over and over, so it's pretty easy to do. We have:


Family Life:




  • Tableaux - One of my all-time favorite homeschool history co-op activities
  • Land-form Pans - A great resource for teaching geographical features
  • A Little Honesty - How homeschooling changes our children

and Homemaking:

That should keep you all busy for a while. I should add that if you want to comment on anything, I have the comment moderation turned on, so I will see it. If you want to comment. If...

Oh, I can share one more post that's new and up at Heart of the Matter on how to do a unit study on the California Gold Rush.

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