National Adoption Month

This is actually effort number two to write about National Adoption Month.  My first effort was a satire about why people shouldn't adopt which J., my editor-in-chief, deemed perhaps too biting for my blog.  He likened it to inviting a group of friends into my living room and then slicing them open with a scalpel.  It's not a pretty image.  Consequently, you won't be reading my biting satire as that is not the way I like to treat my guests.

The impetus to the writing of the satire was born out of frustration.  Frustration over why more people don't choose to adopt.  Frustration over others thinking that J. and I must be some sort of super-parents in order to parent the children we do.  Frustration that money is so often the reason cited for not adopting... the adoption fees are seen as too expensive, raising another child is too expensive, and the number one reason I hear most:  We can't afford to send one more child to college, as if those four years represent the be-all and end-all of life.

I am frustrated with complacency.  I am frustrated with fear.  I am frustrated with Christians allowing Satan to win this battle.

And children wait.  They wait for a family whom they can belong to.  A family that will give them permanency.  And it is more than just for the growing up years.  They wait for a mother and father who will be there after they are grown... to be at their wedding, to be grandparents to their children, to be a shoulder to cry on, and a place to come home to.  Children without families have no hope for the future.

Look at the faces.  Just go and look.


Anonymous said…
I am right there with you. It is a huge frustration when I talk to people about children or allowing the Lord to bless them with more children. My common response is, "I am ready to be done with children so I can move on with my life" or "We simply can't afford to put one more in college". BTW, if college prices keep rising the way they are, no one will be able to afford to put ANY child in college! When will we realize that children are the future for sharing the love of Jesus to a world desperately in need of Him. Parenting is a life long endeavor that is only enhanced with each new child, either by birth or adoption. There, I joined your cause:)
Kim Crawford
Penelope said…
I most often hear - you just can't have more kids than parents OR one is enough for me!
Amy said…
Jeff edited my "adoption month" post too! Apparently, in its original form it might have angered some people more than it inspired them.
It's easy to get angry when there are so many children growing up without parents. It isn't right!
I've been enjoying blog hopping and reading everyone's Adoption Month posts.

When you are able, come visit We'd love to have you a part of things there--there are lots of preadoptive and adoptive mommies on the forum who would love to encourage you and be encouraged by you. :)
Dawn said…
I am afraid my posts this mont have to be screened too. I think more frustrated ones are getting thru though... love your post...

Kat said…
I dropped in here from the Adoption Story Blog Hop and these feelings mirror some of my own thoughts. Sometimes I want to stand on the tallest mountain and just scream, "Do you see these children?! They are not statistics! They are ALWAYS blessings! Follow God and HE provides!" Okay, I'll get off my soapbox (smile). Just know I often feel the same way and you are not alone there. I have seven children (four adopted blessings) and life wouldn't be the same without them in it. God is so good!
Anonymous said…
There are many other reasons why people don't adopt. Here are just a few of the issues we faced: China: We had to have $85,000 net worth? Uganda: 3 year residency requirement which is only now getting some solutions. Lexapro: My husband is on it and depression is apparently an issue on the applications. Divorced: We have both been. Liberal Friends: International adoption actually encourages human trafficking and encourages parents to give up their children.It is essentially selfish. Conservative friends: Why, when there are so many kids here in America that need help and we should help them first? Maybe it just isn't meant to be for us.*sigh*
thecurryseven said…
Dear Anonymous,

I'm so sorry your heart is calling you to adopt yet you hit roadblock after roadblock. It sounds trite, and I don't mean it to come across that way, but keep praying. God is bigger than governments and agencies.

I also want to add that this post wasn't directed at you or anyone who desires to adopt but for some reason or another is unable to. It was directed at those who see children more as financial drain rather than blessing.


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